Trash Floor Sign - Rubber - 17.5"


Trash Floor Sign

This simple and easy to read sign is perfect to mark exactly where your trash cans and bins belong.

Whether you are using 5S principles, Lean management organization or just need a single simple sign, our floor signs provide the visual tools you need. The vibrant colors and clear visual message of our Trash floor sign can help increase safety and productivity. Use this eye-catching floor sign to visually communicate with your employees, leading to improved warehouse and workplace efficiency. Great for Lean and 5S manufacturing floor marking needs.

Need to customize your floor sign? Our online custom sign tool can help you create the perfect floor sign for your needs. You can adjust the size, color, graphics and more. creates floor signs that are durable and designed to withstand heavy foot and forklift traffic. Choose the size and material that best suits your warehouse needs. Ensure your trash cans are always where you want them with a trash floor sign.

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Q: Can the floor signs withstand forklift traffic?

A: The durability of the floor signs will depend on which material you select. The rubber material is very durable compared to most other floor signs on the market. For permanent protection, consider the inlaid epoxy signs which are printed on a mesh like fabric and can be permanently embedded with epoxy into the floor.

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