Cases of Striped Reflective Tape Engineering Grade

$146.80 - $3,384.00

If you're looking for the best reflective tape available, our striped engineering grade tape will exceed your expectations.

It meets Federal Specifications No. LS-300C (Reflectivity 1, class 1) and FP-85 (Type II). It has 3-3/8 inch wide diagonal stripes and is made from polyester vinyl with acrylic adhesive and an 80 pound poly-coated Kraft release liner. Note that the red and white reflective tape is not recommended for long term outdoor use due to fading. There are several other types of reflective tapes available.

If you're looking for Lean and 5S organization solutions, this tape will offer a great tool to improve safety and efficiency.

Sold by the Case.

180 degree peel adhesion: 70 oz/in - PSTC 1
Tensile strength: 10 lbs/in width
Application temperature: Above 32 degrees F
Service temperature (Cold Resistance): ( 72 hrs at -70 degrees F ): No effect.
Service temperature (Heat Resistance): ( 72 hrs at 160 degree F ): Max 0.012 in shrinkage from edge