Vinyl floor sign

Vinyl Floor Sign

Anti-skid overlaminate
Peel-and-stick adhesive
Applies to smooth surfaces

rubber sign with urethane coating

Rubber Floor Sign

Reinforced substrate rubber
Superior butyl adhesive
Applies to irregular surfaces

inlaid mesh with permanent epoxy adhesive

Inlaid Mesh Floor Sign

Tough mesh fabric
Embeds with liquid adhesive
Applies to irregular surfaces

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Floor Sign

$29.50 - $73.12

In a large lean manufacturing facility, placement of safety tools like an emergency shower and eye wash station should be clearly labeled. 

Our Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station floor sign is a safety must. Employees needing immediate first-aid requiring a shower and eye wash have no extra minutes to spare looking for the emergency station. Our floor sign makes locating this emergency equipment efficient.

Whether you are using 5S principles, Lean management organization or just need a single simple sign, our floor signs provide the visual tools you need. Available in vinyl, rubber or mesh, and with a standard 17.5" or 22" diameter, the vibrant colors and clear visual label message of our Emergency Shower Eyewash Station location sign can help increase safety and productivity. Use this eye-catching floor sign to visually communicate with your employees, leading to improved warehouse and workplace safety and efficiency.

Want to customize this sign? Design your own sign with custom colors, sizes or graphics by using our online custom sign tool.

This highly-visible green sign features bold, white text and a shower graphic that is easy to read at a quick glance. Stay compliant with safety procedures to keep your employees safe in case of emergency. Pick the size and material that best fits your warehouse’s needs.

  • 17.5” or 22” Circle Floor Sign
  • Green Sign
  • White Text & Shower Graphic
  • Available in Vinyl, Rubber or Mesh
  • Removable & Permanent Options



Q: Can the floor signs withstand forklift traffic?

A: The durability of the floor signs will depend on which material you select. The rubber material is very durable compared to most other floor signs on the market. For permanent protection, consider the inlaid epoxy signs which are printed on a mesh like fabric and can be permanently embedded with epoxy into the floor.