Solid Color Engineer Grade Reflective Tape

$13.87 - $13.90

You'll be able to see potential hazards from a distance with this engineering grade reflective tape. It can be used indoors in low light conditions or outdoors at night for added safety and to cut down on accidents. Choose from several different solid colors. This engineer grade reflective tape from is available in different widths and in either 30 foot or 50 yard rolls. This self-adhesive tape will adhere to clean, dry and smooth surfaces like barricades, posts and poles. Engineering tape is better than reflective stickers, as you can cover a longer portion of the surface for better visibility. Prevent damage to structures or equipment at a low cost with this durable pressure sensitive engineer grade reflective tape.

Our high visibility reflective tape is easy to apply in any specific highway, commercial, and safety situation. Custom widths up to 48" available by special order. We also offer reflective tape in Super Engineer Grade (ASTM type 2) and High Intensity Grade(ASTM type 3). Please call for details. Specifications are available upon request.

**There is a $150.00 minimum order requirement for this product.**