Electrical Safety Signs

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Heighten awareness and reduce accidents with our high-quality, self-adhesive electrical safety signs. We offer both caution and danger electrical signs in our selection, all of which are OSHA compliant for coloring and sizing. Electrical safety signage features bold, block lettering with messages warning of high voltage, electrical hazard, buried cables and battery storage areas. We also carry blue and white "Notice - Electrical Room" signs for proper area labeling. Our electrical panel floor marking kit is another great way to ensure that your facility complies with OSHA regulations.

Stop-Painting provides both English and Spanish electrical safety signs to ensure that all employees are aware of workplace hazards. All signs with graphics use universally adopted symbols, including high voltage symbols and general caution symbols, so that employees can quickly identify hazards. Our caution electrical signs come in two sizes - 7 inches high by 10 inches wide and 10 inches high by 14 inches wide - for your convenience. We also carry electrical safety labels and more general, OSHA-compliant safety signs at
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