Barricade Tape

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Quickly and effectively heighten hazard awareness in any environment with our selection of reliable barricade tapes. Barricade tape is a simple way to alert employees, customers and clients of off-limits and unsafe environments, helping to easily prevent workplace accidents and reduce liability. Available in three grades: heavy-duty, standard and economy, these tapes are made from 1.5- to 3-mil thick material that will hold up in any rugged workspace.

We also offer the only truly biodegradable barricade tape on the market, an ideal choice for eco-friendly businesses and outdoor applications. Additionally, our woven barricade tape is superior choice for rugged, all-weather environments. Each option is available in an assortment of size choices and can be ordered with varying messages like "caution", "danger" and "police line." For semi-permanent barricading, explore Stop-Painting's selection of high-quality Superior Mark Floor Caution Tape.