Parking Curbs

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Our durable, heavy-duty parking curbs enhance motorist and pedestrian safety in any parking lot, parking deck or street parking environment. Constructed from long-lasting recycled plastic, these parking curbs are an innovative alternative to traditional concrete parking curbs that tend to crumble and chip, often exposing rusted rebars that can become a liability. Recycled plastic parking curbs are safe and gentle on vehicles, pedestrians and the environment.

Our plastic parking curbs are constructed from heavy-duty recycled plastic, recycled rubber or economical plastic that is water-resistant, UV-resistant and environmentally friendly. These highly visible parking curbs feature a clean, attractive design in 14 UV-protected colors, including black, yellow and red. They're available in 3-foot, 4-foot, 6-foot, 8-foot and 22-inch lengths from Stop-Painting. Be sure to check out our selection of parking lot stencils to create safe, organized parking lots.
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