Parking Paint

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Stop-Painting's high-quality parking paint can be used for marking traffic areas and curbs on concrete, blacktop, asphalt and other paved surfaces. We carry specialized reflective marking paint for additional visibility at night, as well as skid-resistant paint for improved traction on most surfaces. For marking standard traffic lines on dry concrete or blacktop, use our traffic marking paint. We also offer traffic marking paint made specifically for hot asphalt and freshly-coated surfaces.

In addition to traditional aerosol parking paint, we also offer our proprietary Superior Mark Line Marking Paint. This nano-lithium safety paint is the longest-lasting line marking paint on the market. It's designed to leave behind highly visible markings on concrete, asphalt and masonry. The environmentally-friendly formula dries to a hard, colored semi-gloss or matte finish that won't cure, yellow or blister. Shop Stop-Painting's selection of durable parking lot stencils for use with this paint.

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